Halalscape Adalah Sebuah Software Browser yang bagus dan aman bagi kita semua terutama untuk anak kecil karena browser ini memberikan fitur nya antara lain : memblok situs-situs yang berbau pornografi, permainan judi dan lain-lain. Sehingga saya sarankan tuk menggunakan browser ini.

Welcome to the World's first Islamic Web Browser! Protect your children, protect your family and protect your deen. Download Halalscape for FREE today.

With the trends of today's online community, keeping your kids safe on the internet has never been more challenging. Now, with the convenience and protection of Halalscape Web Browser, you can be assured that your children will be protected from the things they don't need to see while still being able to do what they need to. With the in-built parental control tools provided by Halalscape, parents can feel comfortable knowing that what their children do on the internet is in their hands.
Halalscape actively blocks adult, gambling and pornographic websites amongst others. Halalscape is designed to give you a peace of mind.

* Performance, Security, Privacy, Customization, Productivity, Tabs, Bookmarks, Universal Access and more.

Halalscape has it all.

* Halalscape integrates seamlessly with popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Dogpile, AltaVista, Lycos and MSN. This means you are always protected.
Halalscape is for parents

who take a pro-active role in protecting their children from the dangers of the internet. It

is not only for muslims - Halalscape is for everyone.

The Halalscape Search Engine is powered using Google technology.
Combined with our content filters, Halalscape provides the perfect interface for safe web browsing.

Still not satisfied Halalscape

is for you? Click below to see a picture of Halalscape in action!
  Download(Direct Link)

Read more: http://www.indosandster.net/2010/12/halalscape-browser-islamic-free.html#ixzz1NqsnKBZv

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